Where in the world is this nudist beach?

Where in the world is this wilderness-like, clothing-optional beach featuring 7 km of sandy stretches of naked beauty? Where women enjoy long… uhm… walks, and where men gets wowed by both small and nice big … waves.

Text and Photos by Jennifer Ellson


Everybody’s welcome at the Wreck Beach: small, medium, large, natural or enhanced. In fact, you need not be naked to enjoy the area, but it is considered good etiquette to join in the fun! Bottom line is, everyone gets to enjoy the lush vegetation and the ‘full moon’ on display.


There are picnic tables and it is not unusual to see families start exposing their kids early to nature’s beauty as they enjoy the buffet on display. BBQ-ing is not allowed though, as there have been forest fires in the area due to this …. as if the place is not hot enough!


Clue: It is where Hollywood North is, as US films and TV shows are constantly being filmed here, with the city substituting as Seattle and Los Angeles, among others. It also earned the monicker Hong-Kouver, due to its huge Asian population.


Answer: It is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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