I’m going to Florence!


Villa Imperiale: the villa that is Florence’s treasure

You know you have an incredible set of family, friends and supporters when they all join together to send you to a luxurious dream trip to Florence!

Yes, indeed! My fambam, peeps, posse, tweeps, twiends, fans, followers — whatever you want to call them — have pulled through for me and voted by sharing my story,  Mea Culpa! What NOT to do When Dining Overseas, which was shortlisted and eventually won LaCure’s Tell A Great Story contest.

Read about how it all happened here: LACURE’S TELL A GREAT STORY WINNER IS GOING TO FLORENCE!

And if you must, check out the luxury villa where I will be spending my days enjoying the Tuscan sun: The Villa That is Florence’s Treasure. Yes, you really must check it out! Fabulously stylish, isn’t it? I am really excited! Travel dates are yet to be set, so stay tuned for more info.


Where in the world is this tower?

Where in the world is this tower?

Where in the world is this pretty red tower — a founding member of the World Federation of Great Towers, along with the Eiffel Tower and others?

Clue: it is the home of the famous annual rodeo festival, the ‘Stampede’, and host to the 1988 Winter Olympics. Located in Alberta, the city is also famous for its world-class steaks.

Answer is below, after the jump.

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