The world is your oyster, so discover it through your taste buds! FoodTrips.ca aims to inspire you to embark on a wonderful journey through its food and travel stories and photography, and provide tips to help you with your travel planning.

I invite you to interact with fellow food lovers and globetrotters at the FoodTrips.ca’s Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter! Or send me an email!

Share your food porn, travel tips, photos and anecdotes — have you just discovered a great hole-in-the-wall in the back alleys of Kuala Lumpur? Tried some wonderful bagels and poutine somehere in Montreal? Scored a wonderful deal for a Kenyan safari? Found out about an off the beaten path in Cebu? Taken a great photo of the Taj Mahal? Let’s talk about it!

About the author:

Jennifer Ellson is a business journalist moonlighting as a food & travel writer. Her works have appeared in Forbes Asia, Russian Newsweek, Food & Travel Singapore, Prestige Hong Kong, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Sun and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, among others.

While business writing is her bread and butter, food and travel writing is her fervour. Born in MNL, bred in YUL, she has visited 35 countries so far and has eaten her way back to YVR, where she’s been based since mid-2011.

Got questions? Want to send invites for a media launch, a press trip/familiarization tour? Want to book a writer or editor for a story? You can email Jennifer at: jennifer@foodtrips.ca


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